Alien Shooter World APK 5.2.7 (Latest) Android

Alien Shooter World APK 5.2.7 (Latest) Android

December 28, 2022

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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Action
245.1 MB
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Dec 28, 2022
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Description Alien Shooter World APK 5.2.7 (Latest) Android

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The desert complex is a place full of challenges and you are determined to conquer it in Alien Shooter. This is a typical action game; the player will become a superhero who can face thousands of trials. There are more and more monstrous creatures here, and they strangely crave people. It will be very difficult for you to enter this war, because alone you have to fight all these strange creatures and collect a lot of money in the tunnels. Alien Shooter instructs the player to go to a mysterious place, a desert complex, to do the most important things. Players need to fully prepare the necessary equipment and items to carry out this exciting attack.

Alien Shooter World APK 5.2.7 (Latest) Android

There you will find that the monstrous creatures are going crazy, and they have long been thirsty for human blood. So if you look like that, they can easily be attacked and you will need to prepare a lot of things. You need to immediately use the divine armor that the game provides to create the perfect preparation. You will also be provided with modern and highly destructive weapons. With the current weapon, you can kill dozens of these monstrous creatures every time you pull the trigger. Your ability to shoot is considered quintessential, and you have your own magic that no one can explain.

Alien Shooter World APK 5.2.7 (Latest) Android

You should know that you will be playing in all different situations and if you destroy the monstrous creatures, their corpses will not disappear. It will be difficult for you, because you will have to trample on these rough corpses, and this is also a test of your dexterity. You also need to pay attention to the cellar where the money is and immediately get it to increase your strength. Upgrading is necessary because it determines your future. Gradually, the war officially begins, and these creatures will continuously attack you from all sides.

Alien Shooter World APK 5.2.7 (Latest) Android

– Hours of gameplay: three main story maps, many additional missions
– Multiplayer, the ability to share all missions with friends or random allies
– Dungeon, heroic missions, survival missions, multiple difficulty levels
– 39 skills, three character upgrade branches
– Many weapon classes with different perks and characteristics
– Legendary equipment with unique characteristics
– Huge crowds of monsters on one screen
– The corpses of the destroyed monsters do not disappear, check what happens at the end of each level
– Ability to play without internet connection (offline mode)

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