Army Men Strike Toy Wars Mod APK 3.141.0 Android

Army Men Strike Toy Wars Mod APK 3.141.0 Android

March 31, 2022

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Android 4.2
Android Android 4.2 Strategy
205 MB
March 30, 2022
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Description Army Men Strike Toy Wars Mod APK 3.141.0 Android

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Army Men Strike – an unusual strategy where the player will lead an army of plastic soldiers. All the boys in childhood had boxes with plastic soldiers and fights were arranged. Now users can do with this project as well. Play like a child, fight like a man in a war with no limits! Recruit and train soldiers to create the most combat-ready army in history! Command the best warriors in this strategy game full of action. In Army Men Strike, you no longer have to fight alone; the strongest army is on your side in all dangers.

Army Men Strike Toy Wars2

Captain, the evil yellow army is at your door and outnumbers your green soldiers. We need to prepare for war. Hire, train and send troops and tanks against the military invasion. He will lead your army of toy soldiers, collect resources and defeat enemies, both computer and real ones. In order to monitor your progress and receive various bonuses, you should periodically review the rating table.

Army Men Strike Toy Wars1

Recruit many heroes to occupy and fight for territories, gaining stunning victories in all the most difficult situations. Not only do you fight, you also have to focus on leading and commanding your army. Take the brothers through tactical battles, the most brutal competitions. It will be difficult for you to do so many things at the same time. However, take the power of the leader strongly. All loot and territory will be in your hands.

Army Men Strike Toy Wars

– Fight a miniature RTS survival war.
– Set up a headquarters, use the piggy bank as your treasury, transport resources with your train and collect metal with magnets in this combat strategy simulator.
– Adventurous and fun missions and battlefields make this robot fighting story interesting and fun.
– Hire elite toys as heroes to lead your army and let the toy war clash begin.
– Use the power of strategy to create the best army of soldiers for every battlefield! Defeat any enemy on the front line.
– Upgrade armor, weapons, rifles and machine guns and advance your green soldiers and fighters to flamethrowers.
– Gather resources to upgrade squad soldiers and shotgun warriors, guns and base.
– Build your defensive tower with fortifications to hopelessly keep military toy invaders at bay and increase your chances of survival.
– Choose your war targets in each battlefield and plan your soldier hero conquest. Protect your territory.
– Test your acting skills and strategy against other players in real time survival combat simulator: this is not a toy war robot game, so use your best tactics.

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