Fitify Fitness Home Workout APK 1.38.2 (Premium) Android

Fitify Fitness Home Workout APK 1.38.2 (Premium) Android

April 12, 2022

Health & Fitness
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Android 1z0
Android Android 1z0 Health & Fitness
200 MB
April 8, 2022
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Description Fitify Fitness Home Workout APK 1.38.2 (Premium) Android

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Fitify is the perfect full body workout app to help you lose weight, burn fat, build muscle and strength. With over 900 exercises in the workout app, your daily workouts are always fresh, fun and effective! Train anywhere and anytime using any suitable tool. No equipment required, but if you have it, use it! Whether you’re working with your body weight or using a tool like the Kettlebell, you can follow the plan or do any of our pre-made workouts. Select body part, type of workout, duration. That’s all. Downloading and using Fitify is free. Get your workout plan and extra features with the Pro subscription. You can always cancel your subscription here on Google Play/Subscriptions. If you cancel, access to Pro features will expire at the end of your current billing period. The price does not increase upon renewal. We provide a 10 day money back guarantee.

Fitify Fitness, Home Workout2

“Fitify” was developed under the supervision of experienced and professional bodybuilders, so all the exercises that the application provides to the user are standard and as effective as possible. Each exercise will also be accompanied by images, sounds and even detailed instructions to help users understand all the steps needed to prevent body accidents. Of course, the number of exercises in the application will reach hundreds or even thousands, and they are broken down into many different levels. All practices will be classified, suitable for many muscle areas, and also allow users to freely choose any workout they want, even if not in the following order. Whether it’s a home workout, a treadmill workout, or even a street workout, it’s all available to users from where they can train their body anytime, anywhere.

Fitify Fitness, Home Workout1

For those who want to be very efficient for a certain amount of time and also want to push themselves to a higher limit, the app is ready to introduce them to the challenges. All these tasks are performed by experts with a higher degree of efficiency than the recommended plans. Moreover, these tasks can be transformed depending on the goal of the users, whether it is a week or a month. The tasks will also be divided into different parts and levels such as upper, lower, back, and levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced. The application has many different levels for users and also contains a detailed nutrition package so that they can have a perfect body. Of course, if users only focus on exercise but ignore nutrition distribution, the effect will be less than expected.

Fitify Fitness, Home Workout

– Full body workout
– Crazy Six
– Complex kernel
– Strong back
– Complicated lower body
– Explosive power jumps
– Amazing booty
– Complicated upper body
– Hand blaster
– Monster Chest
– Shoulders and upper back

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