Pig farm MIX MOD APK 12.5 (Free Purchase) Android

Pig farm MIX MOD APK 12.5 (Free Purchase) Android

March 29, 2023

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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Simulation
36 MB
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Free Purchase
Mar 19, 2023
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Description Pig farm MIX MOD APK 12.5 (Free Purchase) Android

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Pig Farm Mix is a virtual pig farming game. With 168 different types of pigs and a new breeding system, players have the opportunity to create unique piglets. The tasks of the players in the game include caring for and training pigs, while hunting for piglets opens up a global competitive arena for pig farmers around the world. Pig Farm Mix has a top notch rating system. When pigs are transported, their owners get an advantage. Keeping and selling rare pigs is expensive, and pigs of higher rarity are more expensive due to the increased difficulty of caring for them. Gain experience and unlock new breeds of pigs by transporting as many pigs as possible.

Pig farm MIX MOD APK 12.5 (Free Purchase) Android

The ability to reproduce is very interesting. The resulting piglets are truly unique when breeding pigs of different breeds. Players can breed unusual pigs using males and females in the breeding program. Breeding is made easier by the fact that players can check the piglet’s genetic makeup beforehand. The unique needs of rare pigs make them difficult to breed. It is very exciting. Piglet Hunt players can use their hunting tickets to go hunting piglets. Pigs can be hunted with ropes, and some pigs only appear when they are being hunted. A rare hunting ticket raises the stakes by restricting hunters to only look for rare pigs.

Pig farm MIX MOD APK 12.5 (Free Purchase) Android

This adds excitement to the game and opens the door to finding rare breeds of pigs. Pig care required. Players must provide their pigs with eight different types of food to keep them healthy. Pigs that are fed unhealthy foods or only fatty foods deliver more work for their owners. Players risk losing money if their pigs get sick from lack of attention. Players are required to regularly maintain the farm, including the use of items to prevent diseases in pigs and speed up their growth. Pig Farm Mix is a nationwide competition between pig breeders. The game keeps track of players’ income, pig supplies and care.

Pig farm MIX MOD APK 12.5 (Free Purchase) Android

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