Raft Survival Desert Nomad Mod APK 0.33.1 (free shopping) Android

Raft Survival Desert Nomad Mod APK 0.33.1 (free shopping) Android

April 17, 2022

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Android 1z0
Android Android 1z0 Simulation
88 MB
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free shopping
April 11, 2022
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Description Raft Survival Desert Nomad Mod APK 0.33.1 (free shopping) Android

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Raft Survival: Desert Nomad Simulator is a survival simulator with the usual gameplay but an unusual setting. The game will take place in the desert, where the main character will have to survive with the help of a flying raft. You have to overcome hunger, thirst in the endless desert. Fleeing from an unknown threat on a floating Raft. In this survival simulator, you can build a large air raft, collect useful resources to produce and upgrade buildings, and craft a variety of armor and weapons to protect yourself from intruders. A character controlled by the user will travel through deserted locations, look for resources, craft useful items, complete quests and look for other survivors. Each landing will be fraught with danger, because bloodthirsty monsters live on the sandy land. The gamer will be able to protect himself and his vehicle with available weapons and special equipment.

Raft Survival Desert Nomad (Early Access)12

You are the only survivor on this earth, so while traveling on a raft through the air, you will have the opportunity to explore new interesting locations, an open world awaits you. Make up your survival strategy. Don’t miss the slightest detail, because in the new territories you can find unique resources to develop your raft, meet new types of animals and monsters, complete themed tasks and get valuable rewards. For the successful development of the raft, you need to make your own safe zone and stock up on useful resources. To stay alive in the survival game, you can build machines for getting water and food, as well as devices for crafting clothes and materials to improve the raft.

Raft Survival Desert Nomad (Early Access)1

Gather as many supplies and resources as possible from under the sand, otherwise it will be your last day to see the sun. Travel on a new and improved play raft model, which is presented in the form of a giant hot air balloon. Build the first floor, install the necessary stations and equipment, and reinforce the raft with fences and metal walls to protect against attacks from aggressive enemies. To diversify the gameplay in the world of Desert Nomad, we have added quests and an exciting storyline. with quests. Complete various tasks and get pleasant bonuses to speed up the development of your raft and combat equipment for survival.

Raft Survival Desert Nomad (Early Access)

– Exciting collection and extraction of resources
– Diverse crafting and building
– Incredible selection of weapons and armor
– Exploration of a huge world with different locations
– Battles with dangerous monsters


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